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RazaSport sells a range of innovative equestrian clothing and accessories. We have teamed up with P?ramo to supply clothing that is particularly suited to horsemen and women and we have also developed a strong, lightweight, lockable saddle box to provide protection for your saddle when it is being transported in vehicles.

We have found warm riding cloths to be bulky, heavy and too warm when working around the yard or schooling horses. In these situations most of us remove our jackets to cool down which causes our muscles to get cold, when our horses get hot and sweaty we do the opposite and rug them to keep the muscles warm.

P?ramo have identified and solved these problems with lightweight, flexible, clothing allowing full freedom of movement, and giving great warmth without the bulk. Clothing by Paramo has been used for years by mountaineers and adventurers from the Arctic to the Himalayas keeping them alive in the most extreme weather conditions. This has great benefits to offer those of us who work outside all day whatever the weather.

Inky Dinky Children's Saddles

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Inky Dinky Saddle in Pink

Inky Dinky Saddle in Pink


"Excellent saddle, one of our clients would at times loose their stirrups but in the Inky Dinky this was resolved immediately, giving her more stability and naturally more confidence, now nothing is holding her back."
Sarah Towers, Student Instructor - Meadowbrook Stables

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